Summer is almost ending and the most anticipated trip is finally happening – dreams of exploring jewels of the Dalmatian Coast – Croatia.  The azure diamond sea, pebbles, islands, ancient walled towns turned our dreams into reality. I’ll have to admit that I’m a little biased as a major part of my favourite TV show Game of Thrones was filmed in Croatia yet this is not the only reason making it my favourite country to visit.. it has a unique package of my favourite things – breathtaking views, natural beauty, history & heritage, fabulous wine, healthy salads, fresh seafood..  Locals were exceptionally friendly, we did not feel like we were much of foreigners at all!

Got up at sunrise with shades of pastel pink and blue skies, red roofs and the beautiful Gruz harbour. The owners of our apartment offered to drive us to the old town and we were so thankful. We wouldn’t have made it there so early without their warmest hospitality! Entering Pile Gate – grand entrance to Dubrovnik’s Old Town – and successfully avoided countless other tourists!

View from our apartment

pile gate

Old City is by all means the most attractive and interesting part of Dubrovnik and because it only occupies a small area of the city you will finish exploring every corner of it on foot within one full day. Take a romantic walk around the city and you will feel the mystic vibe rising from the ancient stoned walls… the smell of lavender flowing in the air, the colourful linens hanging between houses, beautiful hand crafted dolls and ceramic hearts, narrow alleys with endless restaurants and bars buzzing with tourists, rows of terracotta glistened in sunlight would make a perfect backdrop for summertime romance..


The most recognisable landmark is the monumental walls that encircle Dubrovnik, connecting towers and overlooking the crystal blue Adriatic Sea. Was such a pleasant walk around the city walls and we really enjoyed viewing the city and pearls of Adriatic from an unforgettable angle.


Stopped by halfway at Caffe Bar Salvatore to grab a freshly squeezed fruit juice, it was definitely refreshing and a great place to rest our weary feet while enjoying the breathtaking views of Lokrum Island.

Caffe Bar Salvatore – Kneza domagoja 1bDubrovnik, Croatia



The Stradun or Placa Street has become the city’s main thoroughfare since the 13th Century, where you will find many narrow stepped streets branching out and countless cafe, shops and restaurants. The limestone paved pedestrian street stretches from Pile Gate to Ploce Gate, although there are thousands of tourists walking on it everyday we could feel its hidden harmony and its simplicity.


More snapshots from the Old City…






Gradska Kavana is so far our favourite cafeteria in Dubrovnik, its sitting right around the corner at the end the Stradun. The two storey architecture offers spacious and modern interior with a medieval twist in design, with a unique gastronomy atmosphere. Whether you fancy a classy fine dining experience or an afternoon chill coffee break this place would give you an unforgettable ambience that makes every guest feel special. Amazing croissant and pastries!! Definitely a place can’t be missed.

Gradska Kavana – Ul. Pred Dvorom 1, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia, +385 20 321 065

IMG_2135IMG_1682Brunch time!


There have been tall tales and legends about Lokrum Island (which is also known as Qarth from Game of Thrones more recently) that had been cursed when the Benedictine Monastery was closed by force. Whether it is really cursed or not, it would be a sin not to visit this little piece of well preserved paradise. Lokrum Island is just about 15 mins away from the Old City harbour by ferry, there are lots of cafes, bars and restaurants on the island where you could check out after going for a swim in the sea or a lake. We totally fell in love with the natural beauty of the deeply green and forested island, the lake, botanical garden, palm trees and exotic plants..





Afternoon salad break at Lacroma Snack Bar on Lokrum Island – the chicken salad was unbelievably tasty, they were marinated with spices and soy, amazing iced chocolate too! Every dish was made with heart and fresh ingredients.

Lacroma Snack Bar – Otok LokrumDubrovnik 20000, Kroatien, +385 98 990 1866



Went on the cable car ride and it was an unforgettable experience going up Mount Srd admiring the panoramic vistas of the city. The upper station has two panoramic terraces with snack bars, shops and Restaurant Panorama, where we spent one priceless afternoon with cocktails and dessert, and a jaw-dropping view down on the Old Town and Lokrum Island.


Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 4.16.15 pm


Complimentary sweet treats from the Chef! The chocolate was extremely rich, dense and moist, scrumptious & delicious!

Restaurant Panorama – Cable Car | Cable Car StationDubrovnik 20000, Croatia, +385 20 312 664


As you take a stroll around main square you’ll find one particular restaurant with long queues and that would be Kamenice. Its by far our favourite seafood restaurant in Dubrovnik, from their famous mussels, octopus greek salad to seafood risotto within an affordable price range. #valueformoney!

Kamenice – Gunduliceva Poljana 8Dubrovnik 20000, Croatia, +385 20323682

IMG_2992 IMG_1887 IMG_3002


To be continued. x


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