New Burger Preview @ Beef & Liberty

We’re thrilled to try out one of Chef Neil Tomes’ new creation: BBQ Pulled Pork burger! Beef & Liberty remains to be one of the top burger places in Hong Kong not only because of its consistent five star service but also its determination to serve hearty and delicious burgers with new menu updating every 6-8 weeks.



There is nothing as good as a juicy burger with fries, and Beef & Liberty is able to deliver both. Their sweet potato fries are amazing!


BBQ Pulled Pork Burger | Building on the success of Tasmanian grass-fed hormone-free beef burger so using it as his base, Chef Neil Tomes added braised pulled pork in smoky BBQ sauce and green apple slaw which really elevated the flavours. The acidity and crunchiness of the green apple slaw perfectly compliment the smokiness and richness of the pulled pork creating contrasting flavours and great balance. That braised pulled pork, fully absorbed in the smoky BBQ sauce, was so tender and juicy, all elements fitted perfectly in that toasted little bun! (9/10)

Beef & Liberty | 23 Wing Fung Street, Wanchai, Hong Kong (852) 2811 3009



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