Nakamura Tokichi – The Brilliant Tea Maker

Nakamura Tokichi has just opened its first branch in The One (Tsim Sha Tsui), Hong Kong!! How exciting! Established 150 years with its main shop in the ancient town – Uji in Kyoto Perfecture- Nakamura Tokichi is known far & wide for its traditional Japanese tea and products made out of tea, including a wide selection of dessert and some savoury dishes.

Before you decide to score a table at this popular restaurant, here are a few tips:

1. If you’re desperate to score a table in the first session, line up in front of lift no. 3 & 4 on UG2 at 10:30am where staff would start giving out temporary tickets until 11am when normal tickets are issued you can be the first group of people to receive them.

2. Once you get a ticket, there is a QR code on the ticket where you can keep track on the ticket no.

3. We arrived at 12:20pm today (Tuesday) and waited for almost 3.5 hours for our turn (Can’t imagine if its on a weekend….). Your ticket would become invalid if you’re late/behind by 5 tickets. Spare 5-10 mins on waiting for the lift… The place is just overcrowded.


GREAT – gotta keep track with your ticket no. – do some shopping in the meantime.


Front entrance



Interior has an important cultural landscape offering a relaxing space for tea indulgence, yet we’re only given 90 mins meal time – clocks ticking!



Part of the restaurant is registered as a souvenir shop displaying cultural gifts and different assortment of tea products.


Matcha soba noodles | When Ana and I were in Uji town September last year we were SOO amazed by the beautiful handmade matcha soba noodles in a small family owned cafe, and this matcha soba noodles from Nakamura Tokichi… has equally beautiful chewy and grainy texture with a strong hint of matcha, dipping mentsuyu sauce was beautiful, totally felt like we were back in Kyoto again! I’ve never really enjoyed soba noodles as much as I did in here. HK$78 (9.5/10)


Kyo no Fukiyose | Matcha ice-cream, Matcha and Hojichi chiffon cake, chestnut, redbean, shiratama rice flour dumplings. Love the perfectly silky texture of the aromatic Uji matcha icecream as well as the extremely light and airy chiffon!! They were mildly sweet with strong roasted tea scent dancing thru every corner of the cake. Really beautiful creation. HK$98 (9.5/10)


Maruto Parfait | One of the best seller dessert – Tasting from the top, its whipped cream and its brand logo tattooed with matcha powder, under the whipped cream is matcha chiffon cake. When you dig deeper you will find a layer of shiratama rice flour dumplings and puffy rice snacks. Further down are big chunks of elastic matcha jelly, and matcha latte in the very bottom! We’ve never really had any matcha dessert that tastes as good as this. Texture and flavours of every layer in this parfait just connect to make it a truly stunning dessert. HK$98 (9.5/10)

Nakamura Tokichi | 18/F , The One, 100 Nathan Road, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, HK(852) 2426 6111  


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