22 Ships

22 Ships, a vibrant little tapas bar by Michelin Starred Chef Jason Atherton, offers an exceptionally fun dining experience with its buzzing & relaxing setting. You may choose to sit at the U-shaped bar watching the chef cook and serve you, or near the windows watching the world go by the busy Ship Street outside.

22Ships IMG_8240

Cauliflower, mushroom, parsley, walnut pesto | This dish is soo flavourful and refreshing, and definitely tastes way more than it looks. Absolutely love the brown butter cauliflower puree and walnut pesto that combine with shredded and deep fried cauliflower bites, and citrus dressing with lime juice and parsley is just hidden down the bottom. (8/10) HK$78


Iberico pork and foie gras burgers, avocado & pickled cucumbers | Atherton’s signature dish – and we haven’t really had any burgers as delicious as these in decades… Its too way petit for our stomach! The depth of char-grilled Iberico pork was enhanced by melted foie gras spiced with paprika. Every bite was soooooo juicy that blew our mind away! I really don’t know if its necessary to add that avocado mayo as the burger itself was already so flavourful. HK$178 (9/10)


Peanut butter, condense milk & banana | Truth is there’s a lot more going on this dish, from salted peanut butter stick, banana gelato, to quinoa, coffee jelly, sour fizzy candies, rice krispies & peanuts scattered all over the caramelised banana! Sensational. (8/10) HK$88


22 Ships | 22 Ship Street, Wanchai, HK. (852) 2555 0722


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