Private Summer Partae – Beef & Liberty

Food Bible HK is privileged to be invited to the rooftop summer party hosted by Beef & Liberty. Directed off the main bar and cocktail lounge, bordered by tropical foliage, the outdoor dining deck of Beef & Liberty is a perfect venue for hosting private events and parties – from cocktail to light hors d’oeuvres, and of course.. their top notch Tasmanian beef burgers!

I’ve been to Beef & Liberty for quite a few times since it was first opened in 2013, never a tad disappointed with their quality of food and services.

Check out their official website for the main menu:




Falafel Burger | Take a bite, and faint from flavours overload from the falafel patties with sesame sauce, butter lettuce, tomato and harissa yogurt. Could def taste lots of chickpeas, go vegan tonight! (8/10)

Chicken Burger | I love chicken breast but it can also get dry and flavourless. This fried breaded chicken breast is moist and succulent and has an amazing crunch on the outside. Served with cabbage slaw, spinach and cajun aioli. (8/10)


Scotch Eggs | Sensational flavour with stunning good looks! Its gorgeously soft, crunchy and meaty! A lovely running in the middle of the quail eggs and golden, crispy outside. Perfect sausage & egg snacks. (8/10)


Warm Skillet Cookie & Cream | Giant chocolate cookie baked in a skillet and cut into wedges. Thee cookie was so warm, soft and gooey, tastes wonderful with chocolate filling and fresh cream… a big scoop of ice-cream would be perfect! Our new best friend 🙂 (9/10)

Beef & Liberty23 Wing Fung Street, Wanchai, HK. (852) 2811 3009  


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