Jeju’s spirited garden cafe: Jenny’s Garden

The Foodie Twins in Jeju Episode 6 | Found this gorgeous cafe nestled in a garden hidden just 5 minutes away from the airport, and having brunch amidst the greenery proved to be a relaxing and comfortable experience before departure!


Spacious and trendy interior offering cozy seating inside this humongous house.



Whipped ricotta, cranberries, almond, greens, cherry tomatoes salad; Organic oriental plum tea | This locally grown veggies dish is full of summer flavours, and most of the ingredients are organic … for just 10USD! (7/10)


Banana and toasted walnut buttermilk pancakes with vanilla ice-cream | Pancakes were fluffy and light, not too sweet with jus the right combination of walnuts and banana. Loved it! (7/10)
Jenny’s Garden 제니의정원제주 제주시 연동 1934-1. Tel: 064-742-0649


2 thoughts on “Jeju’s spirited garden cafe: Jenny’s Garden

    1. Hello there! Great to hear that you’re going to Jeju. Lots of beautiful cafes near the beaches, you might want to check out our other posts on them or instagram #foodbiblehk for more info! I hope you have a great trip in July 🙂 Don’t forget ur umbrella as it is raining season too!


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