Contemporary Art Restaurant in Jeju: Mint

The Foodie Twins in Jeju Episode 5 | Phoenix Island is a resort located at the Eastern shore of Jeju, right next to Seopjikoji. Inside Phoenix Island, there is a glasshouse with two symmetrical “wings” that stretch out facing the ocean. On the first floor of the glass house there is a contemporary arty gallery with a cafeteria; upstairs is an upscale fusion restaurant “Mint” where guests can enjoy breath-taking views of the ocean and wide green pasture. Transportation: Taxis are not allowed to enter Phoenix Island so as soon as you get dropped off at the resort lobby, speak to their receptionist and they will direct you to the free shuttle bus that sends guests to the restaurant every 5 minutes.   Entrance to Zippo museum, a contemporary art gallery, that sits inside this planar geometric glasshouse. Interior of the restaurant have high floor to ceiling windows allowing for amber sunlight that lit up the natural wooden floors and framing spectacular views. Looking at the set menu it was 40,000won per person for a 3 course meal. As we’ve just had a big breakfast in the morning we opted for a few Korean fusion dishes from the a la carte menu. Tomato bread with balsamic vinegar and olive oil | Its literally tomato in bread form, with a hint of oregano, basil and rosemary. The tomato flavour really stood out and the bread was super soft and fluffy! (9.5/10) Garden Salad with Mozzarella Cheese, balsamic and hallabong dressing | The citrus hallabong dressing really lift up the flavours making it a refreshing appetizer. Dombe Boiled Black Pork Pizza | Dombe meat is a popular local dish where boiled meat gets chopped into slices on a “dombe” (Korean term for chopping board), and served with spices. These dombe boiled Jeju black pork have a unique taste in comparison to other breeds of pig, the meat is more juicy and chewy than the regular pork. You can hardly find pork with such great quality pork in Hong Kong .. Pizza base was made of puff pastry, with tomato, balsamic and sweet and sour dressing, the pizza is very flavourful as a whole, totally swayed by the taste sensation within every bite of it. Abalone Ttukbaegi Pasta | This is like a Jjambbong (Korean spicy noodle soup) inside a Ttukbaegi (Korean term for an unglazed earthenware pot). With an anchovy stock base, the seafood broth has plenty of shellfish flavours coming from additional abalone, mud crab, clams and mussels. The chilli paste / powder enhanced the intensity of the flavours within the soup that is light in body and fairly complex in taste. In a nutshell its certainly a place that cannot be missed, with such view and great quality of food. Average Spending: Price per head 20USD. Right outside the glasshouse you will find a track that leads you towards Seopjikoji. Take a leisure stroll on this scenic plateau, engage in the picturesque view of the coast and green pasture. View of the restaurant from the lighthouse. Mint | Glass House 2/F, Phoenix Island Resort, 127-2 Seongsan-eup, Seogwipo-si, Jeju. 064-731-7000


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