Jeju’s Greentea Heaven – O’Sulloc

The Foodie Twins in Jeju Episode 4 | The environmental condition of Jeju island, where the pure air, soil and water, make for an ideal spot to grow the tea plant, we’ve been so eager to check out the biggest green tea museum in Jeju – O’Sulloc! Prior to the O’Sulloc Museum we checked out a few beaches along the western coast, Hyeopjae Beach was by far one of our fav beach spots in Jeju. Watching turquoise waves bubbling up the glistening white sand was a memorable moment even under the slightly gloomy weather. There were lots of cafes with picturesque view you might want to check out while hanging around this area.

Hyeopjae Beach

It took us almost half an hour to get to the O’Sulloc Green Tea Museum, which welcomed us with patches of yellows and greens and two gigantic greentea cups. There were still  bright yellow canola blossoms scattered everywhere, decorating the vast green fields with spring breeze romance.




Appreciate the simplicity and charming view of the plantation.


Inside the museum, cafe, shops and galleries were all located on the ground floor, with a small lotus pond in an indoor garden. The second floor of the building has an observatory where visitors can enjoy the panoramic view of the green tea plantation and its surrounding landscapes.


Unfortunately we did not have time to check out the galleries and could barely do some shopping, the place was packed with tourists…

After lining up for a good 20 minutes we ordered a black roll cake with greentea cream filling and the King O Freddo.

Black Roll Cake

Black Roll Cake with green tea cream filling | Looks somewhat like a swiss roll, the cake itself is made out of black (earl grey) tea. It has a subtle tea flavour –  a little sharpness (almost like coffee but weaker and milder) and perfumey. The cake is light and porous like a good sponge cake, its not sweet and the texture balances well with the green tea cream filling. The filling is like green tea ice-cream, thick and creamy and I like the texture of it. O’Sulloc presents the authentic taste of traditional Korean tea, you could really tell the difference between Korean green tea and Japanese Uji matcha. Typical Japanese matcha is extremely aromatic with bold and grassy taste and slight bitterness, whereas the Korean green tea is also quite aromatic in a different way and have a mild, clean and sweeter taste.  (8/10)


King O Freddo! | Green tea latte smoothie with whipping cream, green tea soft serve, red beans, green tea cake cubes and almond toffee crunch. O Dio! We absolutely HEART every single element inside this little plastic cup. The vanilla, milk and aromatic green tea flavours plus the rich and velvety texture within in the ice-cream, slowly sinks and dissolves into the smoothie, leaving subtle green tea taste lingering in your mouth! Adding that moist green tea cake and almond toffee crunch, its probably not enough for sharing between two of us! 😦 (9/10)


Leaving O’Sulloc with absolute satisfaction, just outside the exit there was a sign that directed us to Innisfree Jejuhouse. I love Innisfree products, especially their facial masks! What surprised us is that there was a section where you could design and make your own natural soap! Approximately 10USD for a pack of 3, you could easily spend the whole afternoon playing with them – great hearty souvenir option too. The design of Innisfree Jejuhouse was clean, vibrant, mostly made out of woods that gave it a simple and earthy tone in touch with nature.



The organic cafe within Innisfree Jejuhouse provides healthy and light meal options, with organic local ingredients.  Here we ordered a brunch set with lemon soda, took them outside for a better view.


IMG_6345 Lemonade

Seaweed buckwheat noodles and fishcake soup, Ju Mok Bap |  They actually taste MUCH, MUCH better than they look. Korean name this fish cake soup as “Eomuk Guk”, that simple, well seasoned broth is slightly sweet, and closest thing I can relate its taste to is probably kanto-daki soup from Japan. Refreshing and flavourful dish! Ju Mok Bap is a type of Korean rice balls where locals like to pack to picnics. They are so easy to make and essentially little rice balls of goodness! Seaweed, seasonal veggies, sesame oil and rice.. Definitely gonna try to make some at home.


How refreshing is it to sit outside enjoying cool clean air and view the miles of tea bushes?
Innisfree Jejuhouse | 425, Sinhwayeoksa-ro, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do 
제주특별자치도 서귀포시 안덕면 신화역사로 425 (안덕면)


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