Sunset Fantasy in Jeju: Lime Blue

The Foodie Twins in Jeju Episode 3 | Second visit to Woljeongri beach on our way back to the hotel after hiking at Sunrise Peak, and this was actually the first day where weather was accommodating outdoor activities.. We chose this cafe with a small terrace seating and floor-to-ceiling windows so you can have a view of the beach anywhere you sit. The location alone deserves 5 stars 🙂

Lime Blue




Ordered Hallabong tea and carrot cake and we were seated in beach chairs positioned for the maximum enjoyment of the spectacular view, especially at sunset on such a nice day.


Hallabong, also known as Dekopon,  is a type of mandarin primarily grown in Jeju, named after Hallasan – the volcanic mountain on the island.  You can see it everywhere in almost any sort of form you can think of in here, chocolates.. candies.. tea.. etc! Unlike other oranges or mandarins how sometimes they are usually a bit dry down the bottom, Hallabong is always juicy and succulent. Its very sweet, but not cloying sweet that makes you forget its citrus.. We would buy a stash of those from the supermarkets for midnight snacks! If you have tried Yuzu tea, you might be able to picture how this Hallabong tea tastes like. Its a mix of honey, Hallabong skin and hot water pretty much, however in a tea form we favour Yuzu tea more as its more citrusy and not as sweet. (7/10)

Carrot cake – Not big on carrot cake myself because I don’t like the idea of veggies inside a cake! But the store owner recommended it so we ordered one to share. This carrot cake from Lime Blue surprisingly quite satisfied my tastebuds. There was a generous amount of chopped walnuts and finely shredded carrot hidden within the cake that made it very smooth. Cake is moist, flavourful and has a cinnamon flare; cream cheese frosting was wonderfully creamy that goes well with the cake (8.5/10)



Truly wish this perfect moment could be frozen in time or last a bit longer 🙂

Lime Blue | 구좌읍 해맞이해안로 476, Woljeongri Beach, Jeju, Jeju-do, South Korea. +82 64-783-0476


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