Coffee Factory in Jeju: Terarosa

The Foodie Twins in Jeju Episode 2 | Today we’ve explored the southern part of Jeju, which is well known for its waterfalls and the largest coffee factory in Gangneung “Terarosa Coffee”. Located just 5 minutes away from Seogwipo city, Terarosa has a uniquely cozy layout and antique machines that displayed the evolution of coffee brewing. The main kitchen and indoor seating area is surrounded by glass windows and gardens outside that resembles a greenhouse.




Its a mixed fragrance of coffee and freshly baked goods as soon as you step into the main hall.


Coffee trees & potted plants are scattered everywhere.

IMG_6798 IMG_6799

IMG_6787 IMG_6885

There are seatings in the gardens which could be a great venue for hosting parties.


Nuts Tart, Mariage Fréres Grand Earl Grey, Terarosa Espresso Blend Latte. Love the nutty filling and almond toffee of the tart. Earl Grey has a bold bergamot flavour, it fills the mouth with bright, citrusy notes and has a floral finish with blue cornflowers. Latte was overall sweet and creamy, while the blend is not too dark roasted.


This whole experience reminded us of dining in an estate conservatory. Its simply beautiful. We’ll definitely come back for it.


Its all foggy when we came out of the cafe!
Terarosa Coffee 테라로사제주 | 제주특별자치도 서귀포시 칠십리로658번길 27-16
(064) 7384478  


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