Tropical Charms of Jeju : Will Be A Whale

IMG_6026 The Foodie Twins in Jeju Episode 1 | Jeju, also known as “Island of the Gods”, is just off the southern coast of Korea. With its beautiful beaches, majestic waterfalls, volcano rocks and lots more, it remains to be a popular vacation spot amongst Asian. Transportation – Getting off the jet, first thing that we did was to get a car! A little info re: transportation in Jeju Island, we couldn’t actually get a rental car as all car rental companies in Korea require international drivers to provide an International Driving Permit (For more info visit:, didn’t realise until we landed, so alas, had to get a taxi (its a bit more time consuming and inconvenient to take go for public transport in Jeju and I don’t suggest it if you are only going to stay for a few days). For a half day taxi hire its around 70,000won, full day for 120,000won. Most of the local taxi drivers don’t speak English, so it would also be handy to have your destination addresses in Korean / telephone numbers ready. Woljeongri Beach – mostly unknown to foreigners – has recently become a brunch-out hotspot for youngsters with its hip and trendy cafe street along the shoreline. We stayed at this lovely cafe called Will Be A Whale Cafe for a coffee break, listening to the sound of waves and breathing in fragrance of sea salt, definitely a memorable moment. IMG_6103 IMG_6105 IMG_6106 IMG_6075 IMG_7679 This cafe is run by Bohemian, every corner was like a contemporary art piece so you will definitely spend sometime exploring this cafe. Staff were attentive and friendly even though they don’t speak much English. We ordered blackberry cheesecake, caramel macchiato and iced honey latte. Cheesecake had a crunchy and buttery crust base, filling was a mix of mascarpone and cream cheese. Love the caramel drizzled on top of of the coffee, can’t ask for more with such view. IMG_6098 Ending our afternoon with pastel sunset, enjoying each other’s company. IMG_6190 Will Be A Whale Cafe 고래가 될 | 52 Woljeong 7-gil, Gujwa-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea. 구좌읍 월정리 4-1 (구 아일랜드 조르바), 제주시, 제주특별자치도, 대한민국. +82 10-9329-9182


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