Sydney Episode: Quay Restaurant / Snow Egg

I’ve always wanted to blog about this very special experience at Quay during my visit home back in February. Three chef hats is the highest accolade an Australian restaurant can earn, and Quay has not only held 3 chef for more than a decade but is also considered as the one of the best restaurants in Sydney. We were privileged to have made a booking at this renowned restaurant with 6 months booking in advance, you have no idea how excited my friends and I were the day before heading to this restaurant, the anticipation…


Here’s our degustation menu… AUD 235 per person.


Congee of mud crab, palm heart, egg yolk emulsion | Before tasting this dish I thought it would be hard to praise a dish as basic as congee mainly because usually asian restaurants do it quite well, but this dish surprised me and my friends. With freshly shredded crab, the congee had bursting flavours of crab with just the right amount of saltiness. Its creamy and delicate, with consistency in texture, all elements incorporated to make it a perfect summer dish. We only wished that the portion could be 100x bigger.


XO Marron | Asian influence continues as this is a XO based dish. Marron topping scallops with jamon garnish, there was a pungent taste within the XO sauce which reminds me of asian cooking at home. These crayfish and scallops were perfectly cooked, though addition of jamon made the entire dish slightly salty. Would’ve been perfect if there was a bowl of rice next to it.


Smoked and confit pig jowl, roasted koji, shiitake, kombu, sesame, sea scallop, milk curd | My first impression was Wow, theres so much going on in this dish. According to the waiter, the pig jowl had been slow-cooked for 10 hours, along with that thinly cut scallop, they just melt in your mouth. The texture was elevated by those crunchy roasted rice, milk curd and a clear broth that was not too rich, making the dish unexpectedly interesting.


King George Whiting, native coastal greens, hatsuka radish, smoked oyster crackling | I like the little smoked oyster crackling on top but they were slightly overpowering. With the whiting sitting on a bed of strong flavoured oyster sauce, I found it hard to really taste the whiting itself that was also too small as a portion.


Slow cooked duck, black rice miso, celery heart cream, black garlic, ice plant buds | I love the tenderness and juiciness within the slow cooked duck, its also very flavourful. Gorgeous presentation with these ice plant buds garnishing.


Snow Egg | Unravelling the secret of this famous dessert! I was slightly disappointed as I’m not big on cherries 😦 and it appeared to be the seasonal theme of Snow Egg! The legend of Snow Egg really hit the mainstream when Gilmore appeared on Masterchef over 5 years ago, I was hoping that it would be the Guava version just like the one on Masterchef … Though this whole thing is absolutely beautiful, tasted better than I’ve imagined and like no other dessert I’ve had in my life. “Snow Egg” is an egg shape poached meringue with  an gelato centre, coated in sweet tuile, sitting on a bed of granita, custard cream and cherries. The whole thing literally danced in my mouth, definitely a masterpiece and we’ll come back for it!


Chocolate ethereal | While its hard to compare any dish to the Snow Egg, I would say this chocolate dish is quite amazing on its own. Ethereal/ extremely delicate sheets of pulled caramel, chocolate and milk skin sitting on jersey cream, prunes and walnuts. Though I would prefer Sepia’s dessert under the chocolate category. Its an undeniable fact that Quay has amazed me with the complexity and delicacy in each dish, I had a wonderful degustation time, enjoying the view of Sydney Harbour and receiving attentive and professional service. It was one of the best 3 hours food tasting journeys.

Quay Restaurant | Upper Level, Overseas Passenger Terminal 5 Hickson Road, The Rocks NSW 2000, Australia (61) 2 9251 5600 


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