R&B Research Bakery

Its a weekday and we had absolutely no difficulty in getting a table at this popular restaurant. Before coming in I’ve heard mixed comments about their food so we would want to see it ourselves. So R&B, which stands for Research & Bakery is a casual restaurant serving innovative dishes that resemble Californian comfort food. Its a hip space with chill vibe and comfortable seating.


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Grilled lettuce with white miso, sesame & sea salt. We were expecting it to be like a normal salad, however it turned to be a .. whole cabbage! Well i mean … it looked nothing like salad…WOW. The first bite, white miso + sesame was soo flavourful, yet it became tasteless several layers down the bottom , we def need more miso! Sensational & bold presentation. (8/10) S: HK$50, M: HK$82

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Uji (Sea Urchin) Gnocchi with shallot and fresh cream: I LOVE gnocchi and have had a lot of gnocchi thus far, since childhood I’ve always wondered if there was a certain texture that defines what a good gnocchi should be. In Sicily is where I fell in love, the little dumplings possessed floury goodness of pasta. It was not too soft, not too chewy but with the creaminess inside. So I attended Italian Pasta Class when I got back to Sydney and learnt the proper way of making gnocchi. Mostly made of mashed potatoes, flour and egg, they only taste great when the dough was kneaded properly. And this gnocchi dish from R&B, disappointingly didn’t satisfy my tastebuds, mainly because the gnocchi were too soft and they fell apart as soon as they got inside my mouth. Other than gnocchi itself, the presentation was commendable, we could taste sea urchin within the cream sauce and the baked cheese chip wasn’t too bad. (4/10) HK$88

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Buttermilk Fried Chicken Benedict : Never had a Fried Chicken Benedict in my life but it turned out to be quite close to how we’ve imagined it to look / taste like when we saw the menu. Fried chicken was slightly spicy, very crunchy skin and the chicken was juicy and tender, probably the hero of the dish. Eggs were poached perfectly with a few drops of white vinegar while poaching. Hollandaise sauce had a yolky mild taste, not overpowering. Buttermilk scone replaced traditional muffin in this recipe and I think it made the dish very filly, tho the scone itself tastes great! (8/10) HK$108

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Oh almost forgot to mention this little refresher between the dishes. Summer Strawberry tea in pyramid tea bag were beautifully blended to create a fruity, fresh and smooth cup of tea.

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R&B Research Bakery 3/F, Pacific Mansion, 172-174 Nathan Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, (852) 2191 5445


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