Matcha Heaven


Anna and I are matcha lovers, we love anything made of matcha, savoury and sweet. Matcha is a japanese term for Greentea and our favourite matcha is originated from a small town called Uji in Kyoto, thats why we paid a visit there in September last year. We fell in love with the unique Uji matcha flavour and ever since then, we’ve been trying to look for authentic Uji matcha dessert in Hong Kong. Finally, we found this place.

VIA TOKYO’s popular matcha Icecream is made out of Kyoto Uji matcha powder & Hokkaido milk that combine to give it the smoothest, richest texture. Its served with red bean, chestnut and Uji matcha mochi, you may want to opt out the maple syrup in case it gets too sweet. The icecream itself is the highlight, velvety with strong Uji matcha flavour.

We also tried the matcha napoleon cake which was amazing too. The puff pastries were baked golden, fluffy and light, with the matcha cream filling that tastes somewhat like the ice-cream. Overall we would rate it 9/10, beware of the lines….

Via Tokyo | Shop 1A-B, G/F , Leishun Court, 106-126 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, HK. (852) 2895 1116


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